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If you are an Air BnB host or hostess, or, you manage a vacation rental property/properties looking for a way to keep your property clean without having to go through much effort, this application can possibly save you both time and effort and dependent on your experience with other turnover services if any, it might save you some money.

According to the information on their website, it is an application made with vacation rental property managers in mind. The application can be used via mobile or web to find cleaners or cleaning services for a vacation rental available on major booking platforms. It can also be used to schedule cleanings automatically using information from your property booking calendar and all payments are done through the application. It is available both on the Apple app store and on Google play store for android. 

How does it work?

I decided to try out their website. I was looking for a simple and efficient service and you can view the screenshots as I navigated the platform below.

Sign up:

Sign up is free and all it requires for you to get started is filling out basic information such as name, email address and inputting your password. Once completed you get a verification email in your inbox, once verified, you are good to go in under 3 minutes.

The dashboard:

The dashboard is relatively clean and all the options to have you set up as quickly as possible are displayed right at the top. Once set-up the dashboard is easier to navigate, only displaying the necessary notifications(cleaning projects that are going to occur that day or week and any unread messages you might have):

Add your relevant property/properties: 

Add your property/properties to get started and they will all be displayed under the ‘property’ tab.  From the property tab you can view the primary cleaners and backup cleaners you would have chosen for each of your properties or property and an update option is available if necessary.

Link your booking calendar(s):

The application allows you to link the calendars you use for your property bookings and it automatically syncs to the dates your properties are booked, the graphics used on the application make it easy to view and keep up with your turnover schedules.

Once you have cleaners for your properties/property you can find your calendar with assigned cleaners under the ‘schedule’ tab. 

Connecting with cleaners on the platform:

A simple process where you can connect with a range of cleaners available in the area of your enlisted property/properties. You can choose the cleaners you think would be a great fit after going through their profiles and request instant quotes at the click of a button. Once you have cleaners confirmed that you have rated as reliable for the job they appear under the ‘my team’ tab:

Create a checklist for efficient management:

This ensures that everything required during the turnovers is done and the checklist is ticked off for every booked cleaning. As a newcomer on the site, there are templates that can be found under the ‘checklists’ tab to help with getting your own checklist compiled.

Automate payments:

This feature is optional as there is the option of manual payments, but why go through the hassle of manually making a payment after each cleaning when the application can easily do it automatically on your behalf. Automated payments are enabled via Stripe so it is a secure enough method.

After you have gone through each of the tabs highlighted in the dashboard during your initial session you are all ready and set to start using the application to manage your rental property turnovers.

Free vs paid version:

The major difference between the free version and the paid version of the application is the option to maintain a working relationship with the same cleaners instead of having to choose a new cleaner every time your property needs cleaning. This allows for the trust aspect to be built upon, thus ensuring a property manager knows they have a reliable cleaner checking into their property, who can do the job, every time. The paid version offers a 14-day free trial with no credit card required. If you are uncertain about the $6 fee and have multiple properties that require efficient turnover management you could give the paid version a try to assess if it is worth the price tag per month. After the 14 day period is over and you have accessed that it would not be a fit, you can revert to the free version of the application if it still suits your needs.

Product rating (based on the above-mentioned experience):

Overall: 3.8/5 

Value for money: ★★★There is a free version of the application limited to just one property that can be listed. If you want to list more than one property there is a paid version offering a $6 per month subscription fee for each property listed under your profile. It doesn’t sound like a hefty price tag to pay per month but that depends on the needs of the host and how much the total cost would deduct from the money made through bookings of each relevant property. To either go with the free version or paid version the host will have to make their own assessment.

Ease of use: ★★★★ Very easy to use and simple to set up

Features & Functionality:★★★ Appreciated the available features but can be difficult to make use of all of them once set up


I gave an overall rating of 3.8/5 and that is mostly due to uncertainty regarding the subscription fees attached to enlisted properties. I would still be likely to recommend it to someone looking for such a service to try for themselves and assess if it is a fit for their turnovers.

Interested in learning more? Click the link 👉 TurnoverBnB 


This article was originally written for a BnB website that gives optimisation tips to BnB owners. You can click the link to the website below.

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